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The Alice 6 LDx is a full-featured, easy-to-understand diagnostic sleep system. It allows staff to focus more on patients and less on equipment. Pair the base station with the LDxS head box for 19 EEG inputs or the LDxN for 32 EEG inputs. Features - Integrated RIP driver reduces connections: Set-up patients faster and easier. The integrated RIP driver, dedicated differential pressure transducer, and "keyhole" inputs reduce the number of connections during hook-up. - Patent-pending chin EMG technology for advanced monitoring: Monitor all three chin EMG inputs and select the best pair in real-time using our patent-pending chin EMG technology. - Continuous impedance recording for quality control - Two configurations for diagnostic flexiblity: The Alice 6 LDx base station works with two head boxes so it’s easy to have the right capability where, and when, you need it. The LDxS head box offers 19 EEG inputs and the LDxN head box offers 32 EEG inputs. - 7 ECG channels (3 physical and 4 derived) - Up to 500 Hz recording - etc